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Courtesy Cleaners offers scheduled weekly stops for regular customers across most locations in Rhode Island. 

We are RI’s #1 dry cleaner offering pickup and delivery service near you. Your dry cleaning order will be picked up on the scheduled day and returned to you on time with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

FREE Pickup & Delivery Service

For frequent and regular customers, Courtesy Cleaners offers pickup and delivery once or twice a week as well as on-demand service. This service allows our customers to continue to receive premiere dry cleaning services from the convenience of their home or office. Customers can customize their preferences to continue establishing a personal relationship. 

How It Works:

Pickup and Delivery

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 Sign up by filling out an online form, calling Courtesy, utilizing a print out form, or downloading our app

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Leave your bag out and let our representative know where your bag is located!

Pickup and Delivery

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Your order will be returned in your designated spot. 


Learn About Which Pickup Schedule is Best For You

Experience pickup and delivery today.

Learn about each visit frequency request. We try to accommodate all requests but it may be necessary to adjust these preferences based on your location and/or usage of our service.

Once/Twice a Week

Scheduling pickup and delivery once or twice a week is a great option for those who would like to use our service frequently and regularly. Pickups and deliveries take about 3 business days (Mon/Thurs and Tues/Fri). 


Using our on-demand option for pickup and delivery is encouraged for regular customers who have more than one item and plan on requesting a pickup frequently. We can customize a pick-up and delivery schedule based on your needs and location.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Cleaning
Pickup and Delivery Service

If you live within one of our pre-defined routes that should be just fine.  If we are not currently serving your area it may be more difficult due to geographic limitations in the suburbs or parking/access constraints in the city. As much as we would like to service everyone, the expense involved with providing this free service prevents us from accepting small, one-time orders. If you need more information you can contact us at (401) 223-0380 and select option 3.

Not at all! Most of our customers are not at home at time of delivery. Place your order at your common, well-protected spot for pickup and delivery and we will take care of the rest.

We service most of Rhode Island. We do limit areas due to inadequate parking or that the location is too far off the route. 

You can contact us at (401) 223-0380 and select option 3.

Your credit card will automatically be charged every Monday for the items that were delivered the previous week.

​Absolutely, your account is the same at Courtesy Cleaners whether you are use our pickup and delivery services or using one of our  locations. If you miss your pickup and take your items to our nearest location we can deliver them back to you.

Absolutely not! The pickup and delivery service is free and is the same price as going into one of our store locations. You will save 45 minutes a week with this convenient service. Guaranteed!

Your pickup and delivery days are either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday (Depending on where your region of service is). Some customers are quite happy with a once a week visit. We can customize a pick-up and delivery schedule based on your need and location as well. 

Typically, it is common that our customers place their items outside before work. (7-8 a.m.). Upon your first pickup, you will receive two personalized “red” Courtesy Cleaners garment bags and a door hook to get started with this convenient and time saving service.

3 business days, for example if your items are picked up on Monday, they will be returned Thursday. If you have items for Thursday your items will be delivered on Monday (Same for the Tuesday and Friday days).

Comforters, bed linens, tablecloths, and alterations are subject to a 1-2 week promise time. Leather and Suede, Draperies and Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation can take up to 4 weeks to complete.

Place item inside your bag with a note pinned to the garment that needs redone. We will re-do the item at no charge.

Simply contact us and let our customer care team know when you will be back: we can hold your garments for you at no charge and when you return we can deliver your items back to you.

You sure can. Best practice for recycling your hangers is to place the hangers separate from your garment bag to avoid damaging your garments.

At this time we do not offer individual personal laundry service. Our services include Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning for select items, and Dress Shirt Laundry Services. We also offer laundering services for household items such as tablecloths, bed sheets, and drapes when applicable.